Sustainability Policy

east of grey is dedicated to using fair trade and ethical products to create all products when possible. At the present time east of grey is sourcing eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton jersey, eco silks, hemps and cotton voiles. We have found a supplier for the organic cotton jersey but are still searching for suppliers for the others and more sustainable fabrics and products.

east of grey creates timeless styles to be worn season after season, generation after generation. Clothing made to keep and share and pass along, not trend based and not to throw away into landfill. east of grey offers a recycle program of all garments. Customers receive a discount off their next purchase if they bring their old east of grey garments back. We are looking into hiring the second hand pieces and other ways to recycle our products at the end of their life

east of grey recycles all paper products. The paper is recycled and hand made into new paper which is used for marketing purposes, thank you cards and invitations. We are researching ways to dispose of the waste from the paper making process and ways to improve and create a more sustainable recycling process.

east of grey recycles all fabric waste. Waste is used to make accessories such as brooches, hair pins, hats, bags and patches for embellishments onto other fabrics. Waste is also utilised for test sewing and rags when needed.

east of grey sees their Sustainability Policy as a process and is taking small and steady steps to create a more sustainable business. Check back regularly for updates to our Sustainability Policy.

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